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About Us

Mifflin County Wireless was created because none of the big providers wanted to cover a lot of areas in Mifflin County and they especially didn’t want to provide the speeds people were asking for. We couldn’t stream TV without buffering and couldn’t imagine trying to work from home on the slow speeds other providers were offering.

We started small and only active on one tower and within just a few months we already had hundreds of MC residents inquiring about our new service. We quickly started adding towers to try and get more coverage over Mifflin County and even ventured into Snyder County a little. Within a year we were active on 9 towers, one of which we had built ourselves!

Our team is made up of people that grew up around Mifflin County and understand the frustrations of just wanting fast and reliable internet. We are dedicated to continuing to provide genuine high-speed and reliable internet, all at an affordable price to the amazing residents of Mifflin County.

Local Support & Service

When you call on the pone for support, staff out of our Lewistown Operations Center will pick up the phone and talk to you.

Our Towers

Lewistown South

Lewistown North